Saturday, February 24, 2007




akello turned 6 months today and we are set to beging with solid foods.

Bananas, rice, baby cereal will slowly be introduced.

of course they make organic rice for babies!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Bongo lessons have begun!



Thursday, February 22, 2007

More from LA

With great aunt Mary

His first Mardi Gras was a cold one!

rolling over on the bed with Grandma!

Mamas little helper. His new toy....the plastic bag. You might notice the tapestry in the back. Theresa wanted a piece of fabric to cover the fireplace for the school. We keep the stereo in there cuzz were not fireplace people. She wanted it to be like a piece of art. So i bought a yard of this fabric at IKEA for 3.00. im still working on hanging it right but put it up to get theresas approval first.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

akello goes on a trip!


Akello, Theresa and Pearl went to go see akellos great grandma in Louisianna last week. They were gone for 5 days! Akello was able to meet a lot of theresas family including akellos great grandma florence (pictured above)

It was tough to have them gone, but i had a lot of work to get done around the house in preparation for the school to keep my brain occupied. I quit blogging from the time they left and have been too busy to write until now! i have been doing a lot around the house and the school is starting to take shape, especially the outside! probably wont be blogging that much for a while, exept to post a pic or two.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

akello's first valentines day



Sunday, February 04, 2007

super bowl, super smiles


Akello is doing great. every once in a while he will just burst out crying for no reason. well the reason is that he’s teething. Grandpa Ted brought over some teething tablets a while back in preparation of the teething. “your gonna need these!”

The teething tablets are great! they dissolve instantly once place under his tongue and he’s better a few minutes later.

This morning I installed our new mailbox! Its pretty awesome as far as mailboxes go.

After the demise of our last mailbox on Halloween to some mailbox baseball shenanagins (damn punks)


I have been on the hunt for a replacement. However: when it comes to pole mailbox design… choices are limited.

Well I did find one that I liked at Lowes. It was simple and clean lined. It had a recessed door so as to keep out the falling rain and had a magnetic latch to boot. It was 65 bucks, and it was heavy!

But theresa said our mailbox still worked, as crooked and beat up as it was. So I straight’nd it the best I could and we made do with that. Until I decided to pressure wash it! It had all this mold build up on it and I had the pressure washer out and well, if you’ve ever pressure washed anything, then you know the feeling of seeing something clean up so easily to a new like appearance in seconds! Its addictive and you’ll start pressure washing the trees if your not careful.

So I mosy'd up to the mailbox and gave it a quick spray. Well that took off the mold, and the paint as well. So now we had a beat up, crooked, half painted ghetto mailbox.

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Now you might remember a while back that I was given the ok to my mailbox replacement request as my birthday gift. I was all down and bout it, until the eames lounge chair came up, and so I abandoned the mailbox for what I thought would be quite a while and all moneys went to saving up to pay off the chair.

Theresa and Akello watching daddy install the mailbox


Well, we were at lowes the other day and I came across my little mailbox, on sale! For 40 bucks! AND seeing as how theresa is starting her school and all and we are coming up close on the open house date, I decided now was the time. Appearances are everything, and it would not be best for our ghetto mailbox to be the first thing a prospective client sees as they roll up to the house. Theresa agreed.

So we bought the mailbox, but……we also needed a mailbox post! And all the mailbox posts at lowes sucked. I just wanted a simple post. They didn’t sell any. Curly Q posts? Yes. And posts off all shapes and colors , but no simple single post.

So I went over to the depot. Success. A cedar post for 40 bucks. Thank you.

So I stained it the same color as the fence. And get this. There is already a concrete support in the ground from a mailbox of yore. I had thought about sledge hammering the whole thing because it was useless with our other one. Im glad I didn’t!

below is a picture of the said concrete support with the new post in it and to the right is the whole from the ghetto mailbox that i yanked out. although it wasnt very hard to remove thanks to the hoodlems and their tom foolery.


So I just dropped the post right in, attached the new mailbox, and whalah!


Heres the cool part…since the mailbox just slides into the concrete, I can take the whole thing out if need be, oh say ..for on Halloween night, or any other night that there might be some late night shenannagins. Graduation night…last day of school….Friday….

i have also decided on a spot for the eames lounger. The guest bedroom. Now some of you might say….how can you not have it in the tv room! Of course it would be in the living room, but with theresas school, that is now out of the question for a few years so …I decided on the guest bedroom b/c that room gets natural light, and you can see the rosewood veneer a lot better than when its in the tv room. It also melds very well with theresas vintage lane furniture set. Much better than with the togo sofa and all that flor tile in the tv room. I paired it up with the Eames LTR table and its good to go! It brings a smile to my face everytime I turn the corner to step into the room. AND I can see it from the sofa in the tv room.

That’s a big thing. I like to look at the thing more than I like to sit on it, so that’s important too.

here is a picture of uncle paul sitting on it in its new spot!

I trust he had no pens in his back pocket.

some family came by to visit sunday.

My aunt mona and aunt anita

anita takes akello on a superbaby flight!

Anita is one of Akello's Godmothers. She sure does look the part in this chair!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

read me a story


Akello is teething up a storm. Last night was tough! we barely got any sleep!

some pics from today.

eating dinner

rocking the bathrobe

boxing with daddy