Saturday, December 15, 2007

almost there

Cant wait for christmas break! theresa and i are BUSY! but not too busy for my moms 60th birthday party at her house. here are a few pics of akello exploring the cold afternoon and one of him and grandpa reading some songs together






Monday, December 03, 2007

happy holidays

akello on haloween


akello loooooves books. loves them loves them loves them. I think he's gonna work at barnes and nobles some day.

akello at thanksgiving. Tia Anita bought him a ham, a honeybaked ham to be precise. he shared some of it with the family at grandmas house in san marcos, but then took the rest home. We just finished eating it this week! His favorite was great gramma P's cranberry dish. it WOULD be red.


akello at the christmas tree lighting. We bareley made it this year to the christmas tree lighting downtown at the capitol steps. (pinche traffic) We took our christmas photo that will be going out to everybody (like last year) . This year im wearing a t-shirt. it was not hot coco weather, but it was free so we had some.



AK had a great time running around the capitol grounds. he just thought it was the coolest thing to be standing on a hill. he kept on running in circles trying to figure out why it was harder to walk up the hill and easy to run down it.


dancing to christmas carols.

i think we have established the fact that akello loves to dance. He was in full force and Jasmines 18th Birthday party. He was on the dancefloor from the time the DJ turned on the soft dinner jazz until we took him home kicking and screaming.
you should have seen him. He was all over that floor. so much so, that we had to keep moving him back out to the outskirts cuzz the peeps were doing line dances and cha-chas. by the end of the night, he was picking up the Soulja Boy dance.

akello commands the crowd.

picking up some moves from the boys. He stopped dancing once they started chanting, "go akello!, go akello!"

that was new to him.