Tuesday, May 20, 2008

rocking fish

we have been trying to sell this here rocking fish on craigslist. No luck yet. We had a garage sales saturday morning to try and sell it again. Akello had other plans for it though. Akello might make a good bull rider one of these days

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

akello the caveman

Im out of paint!

these posts are getting really behind. I know.

I needed to blog to share some things.

1. Akello would make a great caveman. I say this because of his complete lack of patience for the microwave (sometimes). As soon as I pull something out of the freezer he wants it! he fuses and fuses. I explain to him that i have to cook it but he doesn't understand, he's only 20 months old

one day akello was on my last nerve. I was heating up dinner and he would not stop asking for a piece of sausage. I finally said fine, here, it this! its fully cooked, but its frozen!!!

he snatched it from my hand and ran to the dining room table to gnaw away like the snow monster in empire strikes back gnawing on a ton-ton.

So i started to just give him cold everything when he's being impatient (and when i have lost my patience) and he's good. I passed him a frozen chicken nugget one day and as he went right through it i thought...you'd make a good cave man someday akello.

2. akello got a new hat from Tia Anita. he is terribly cute in it.

new hat

2.5 akello got a new hat from tED and Peal. Little SEARGENT!

new hat

3. we have been partying alot lately. it seems that every baby we know was born in april or may. We are booked every weekend with a party or two. We have gotten to see alot of austin's parks. Parks that i never knew exsisted!

bubbles at ruta maya

I party more now than i think i did in college!


I have realized that as a kid, all you are thinking about is the next soccer game or the next soccer practice or whatever..you are looking forward to something. and you probably think everyone is just as concerned as you are about it, but what you fail to realize is that your parents are probably barely keeping up with whats happening that day and the next! especially if you have two or more kids.


"another birthday party....thats not mine."