Sunday, March 18, 2007

almost there

One of these days im going to be able to just go home straight from work, without having to stop somewhere, or do something as soon as i get home. its been an exhausting past couple of weeks.

Theresa and i are both tired, but Akello keeps us going! He is such good motivation.

we are getting down to the wire with MITN, and im happy to say that is now live! although its just a temporary web site that i put together on blogger until my friend can finish the real website, but it'll do for now.

so we have misplaced our camera's memory card and have not been taking pictures.
ive been using the one that came with the camera but it can literally only hold 1 photo. this is b/c i have my settings set for superfine compression and set at max resolution for all photos.

i took this one yesterday


these saftey corner things are a JOKE!!! lara's 7 month old Nadine pulled one off on her last visit. pulled it off like it was childs play. cheap ass adhesive. now i knew this might happen cuss my freind tony had to drill his into his coffee table. well, im not about to drill safety corners into a thousand dollar coffee table, even if i didnt pay for it!

oh! my sister got a job at MOTIF! yes, thats right, my sister is working at a modern furniture store. whats next? is mom going to be asking me about my employee discount! whoa! pull up on them reigns! lets not get crazy! i cant explain ginas shift to "the international syle" from the "bombay" style, but she is getting learned down there in san marcos design school, i coulda told her that wroght iron curly q's and cherrywood were lame and not charged her thousands in tuition but nobody asked...

anyway, im prolly not even making sense im so tired. ok so im going to figure something else out for the coffee table protection, i have also been installing safety this and safety that. its noooo fun. lots of headaches so far with the cabinet latches. ugg.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who needs cabinet latches? So.. what if the tikes pull out the pots and pans....hide the booze somewhere else.

I was waiting for Babalou on the bongos.

Thanks for the photo. I LOVE IT.

Tia A

3/21/2007 6:20 PM  

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