Saturday, October 13, 2007

Anybody in LA read this blog?

This might sound funny but it you are in LA and free on Saturday the 20th, and want to be on TV, then I NEED you!

I am directing a music video on a Vh1 show next week.- remaking/reimaging an 80's classic video.

I am in DESPERATE need of actors/extras to show up for one day-10/20 in downtime LA.

I cant offer any/much money cause its a no budget thing- but I can promise it WILL air in 2008 on VH1

We are looking for older folks- 35-70 for our main actors but need just about anyone (no kids) to fill out a party scene. It should be fun and Vh1 will tape the making of.

We are looking for "Fat Cat" rich tycoon types (overwight is encouraged) if folks can wear a suit we would love them a lot.
Politican (50's), Businessguys (50's), Bald guy who can stage dive (40's-50's), Hispanic males in 30's-70's. Older conservative woman (think Barbara or Laura Bush) and as I said- lots of people for about 4-5 hours. We can offer pizza or something.

Feel free to forward this message to anyone you can think can help. I can't say anymore about the show or the song we have- sworn to secrecy. TUNE IN Winter 2008!

Headshot or picture of yourself very much appreciated (acting experience not necessary but a plus)

Speaking of TV and Film, This weekend was the Austin Film Festival. Our school was given 20 badges and Another teacher and I went along with 18 students. We attended panels and watched movies. good times. OH and another thing. The stars were aligned and it just so happened that the AFF was honoring John Milius (director of such cult hits like Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn) and Oliver Stone of JFK, Born on the 4th of July and Any Given Sunday fame.

Well, Milius co-wrote Conan with Oliver Stone. And Ive got this all access pass to the festival. And i have an original one sheet poster of Conan the Barbarian that graces my TV room. i also have a new Sharpie RT retractable marker. I think you know were im going with this.


I took the poster down, folded it up and headed off!

I found Milius after the screening of his surfer movie called "big wednesday"
a movie that happens to feature Gerry Lopez, who was a big time surfer at the time and played subotai in Conan. Milius is nice guy and made himself very approachable. He stayed after the screening and talked with a group of about 10 people about surfing for 20 minutes. I had two of my students with me who were dying to get to some zombie movie that was about to start. i was waiting patiently for the right time to pull the poster out of my bag and make my approach. then one of my students whispered, "Make your move Mr. gARCIA!"

He was right. it was go time. We cant talk about surfing forever and i could see that his "people" were getting ansy. I took out my poster from my bag and passed the bag to one of the students. I then gave my camera to another, and unclipped my Sharpie RT from my shirt. It was great to have my "people" there to assist me.

I slowly began to unfold the one sheet poster. thats the cool thing about those old posters. you can fold them, now they are all rolled wich is better of couse, but for my needs the folding thing worked out so i could keep it in my bag all day. I had made the mistake of not taking my ELP poster with me to thE Carl Palmer concert last year thinking that it was too much work to carry a poster around, and i would probbly not even got a chance to talk with him. well i was wrong then, and i learned my lesson. as you might remember.

i unfolded the poster half way, just enough for him to sign it. it's very fragile and i was taking great care in unfolding it. I was in the back of the crowd, but my poster caught his eye. It transfixed him. He began to loose his train of thought as he gazed in my directiont. I had him in my tractor beam! I was giving him the complete pre-game show. He knew it was about to go down, only a matter of time.

"excuse me, Mr. Milus?" my shaky voice uttered. "would you mind signing my Conan Poster?" He made his way over as there was a big display cabinet next to me that i layed the poster on. as he made his way over i told him, "i cant tell you how much Conan has played such a big part of my life, and my fathers life too for that matter. Thanks so much for writing it and making it." "changed your life huh? I hope your not living on a diet of stigian and living in a tent or anything."

or he said something to that affect.

He thought for a bit, and then wrote "never surrender - John Milus" on the poster.


My student took a picture but as it turned out i had left the camera on movie setting. so he took a movie. i fixed it and then he took the shot. but the pic didnt come out so good. the movie, however, did. so i took a still frame from it.

me and milius

the next day i got to talk to him again after a q and a session. i noticed that he had a 3 robusto cigar case with him. "so what kind of cigars do you smoke, besides cuban.." "if i have to buy domestic then i will pick up the fuente don carlos black label or a La Gloria Cubana." he went on to talk about the fact that he's is good friends with the owner of LaGloria.

Later that day i went to the session with Oliver Stone. it was packed! he's a great speaker. very eloquent. he tried to zoom out after his session, but too many people were between him and the exit door and his handlers were no match for the festival fans. Stone was walking through signing as he went. an old pro. no hello's no how are you's. I hurried to a spot that i anticipated he would be at by the time i could make it to him. I was right and shoved my poster that was still folded becasue of space issues in front of him. He had his own Sharpie RT. i turned the poster to the opposite side that Milius had signed so he didnt see Johns signature. He scribbled his name right on top of conan's body. "ugg! how dare you!" i thought. so Stone-esque. of course he would.

Oliver Stone's Autograph

But then i realized that i had both writers signatures on the poster of one of my all time favorite movies. Now i could care less. in fact, having it now back in its frame on the wall, you cant even tell its signed unless you looked close. i like it that way.

Thank You Mr. Milius!, Thank You Mr. Stone!

Akello was loving to wear my sunglasses today. but he wanted to wear them like i wear them, on my head. He would give you the sunglasses so that you could put them over his eyes, then he would push them up to his head. then hed take em off and do that all over again.







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