Friday, February 29, 2008

Very Proud

I am a proud papa, but im also very proud of some of my other kids, no mom not like that! grab a perrier and sit back down. Im talking about my students in my broadcast journalism class. Its taken alot to get them to where they are now, but I am proud to say that they are really starting to take flight and the political team headed up by a very talented student blew my socks off with the package that they put together when we were at the Clinton/Obama Debate. I have to share.

On akello, he's getting better. we were fortunate to have grandma pearl come down to take of him while theresa ran the school. our goal is to have him fever free come monday


Blogger Malita said...

wow! I'm so impressed - I'll have to share - I think the most we ever did in high school was put together some tacky poster board project!!

3/03/2008 7:42 PM  

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