Thursday, June 05, 2008

Going back

akello and his great grandma and grandpa (on gils side)

LETS all go back in time for a minute. back to before things really started to get crazy for us. My Grandparents celebrated their 61st anniversary and Akello tasted tres leches cake for the first time. That boy learned the word cake pretty quick.

We had a good time rocking to these here mariachis.

we are in the process of making the move to dallas. T and kello are up there already while i had to come back and finish the school year and mow the lawn and other stuff like that before heading back up to join them.


Akello and his around the way girl Aivy

akello in my favorite shirt of his, the magnum pi shirt. if i could just find him a detroit tigers cap he'd be good to go.

akello the architect.

this summer in dallas akello will be going to school. the same school that theresa will be training at. We got an apartment a mile and half away from the school. We are excited about walking to and fro and saving on gas!


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