Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ak is too excited about advent to sleep! so he is reading his dreidel book, while wearing a santa outfit thats a bit small maybe.

so my sister just graduated college, yay gina!
and i was tucking AK in bed telling him about how were going to go to gina's to celebrate her graduation. I said, after you go to high school, you go to college, and Gina is done with college, no more school! its a stay at home day everyday! and then AK says, " i know about college, that's wear mama got her tattoo!"

then i was explaining how college was a school, and not a tattoo parlor and i told him, "you go to college to study what you want to be for a job when you grow up. So what do you want to be when you grow up?" he thought for a minute and then replied, "a bad guy!" (from playing good guys and bad guys at school)

i almost said, well you dont have to go to college to do that, you can skip the school loans!
but then i was gonna say, "well you be the best bad guy there is and study hard how to be a bad guy and not get caught!" then i decided to say, "well you will probably change your mind, so keep your options open.

Mak is doing really good on sitting up on her own. She is very social and is good to sit and be around the family as we buzz about. AK is a goofball and she loves watching him.

she is in grabby mode. she grabs anything and everything. gotta keep an eye out.


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