Friday, February 29, 2008

Very Proud

I am a proud papa, but im also very proud of some of my other kids, no mom not like that! grab a perrier and sit back down. Im talking about my students in my broadcast journalism class. Its taken alot to get them to where they are now, but I am proud to say that they are really starting to take flight and the political team headed up by a very talented student blew my socks off with the package that they put together when we were at the Clinton/Obama Debate. I have to share.

On akello, he's getting better. we were fortunate to have grandma pearl come down to take of him while theresa ran the school. our goal is to have him fever free come monday

Thursday, February 28, 2008

sick with the strep

dang, poor akello couldnt knock his fever so theresa took him in, turns out that he has strep throat! poor little guy! so sad. He's got an upbeat attitude about him though and with hes raspy voice sounds like an old sailor who's smoked all his life.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

sick with the flu


Poor lil Akello has been sick with the flu. nothings harder than seeing your baby sick i tell you what. Other than that, things are great. Busy as ever but great. Theresa's montessori school has been just awesome and im looking very forward to spring break.

we arent doing anything for spring break travel wise, but will still be busy none the less.

Thats about all the news i got right now. Wish i had more pics to share!

Friday, February 22, 2008


well....., originally uploaded by Gilkata.

So while covering the debate with some of my students ...Out pops George Lopez who was pimping for Obama. He came in from the civilian entrance and threw everyone off. The team got some great footage of him and even got in a question or two before Entertainment tonight and all the power players hoarded in. Of course he had some funny answers but he was well versed on the issues. Here he is fishing for a joke ...said something along the lines of and im paraphrasing...listen, im darker than obama so whats your point!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

where's akello?

IMG_0405, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

akello has taken up wearing camo around the house. I think we spent too much time in kileen on that last trip to see theresas parents.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Akello tests out the latest addition from homeland security

So part of getting our house liscenced for use as a home school we needed to gate off the air conditioning unit in the backyard. I was really not looking forward to putting up a fence. i was all set to do it a month or two ago, but then it got cold and rainy so i put it on hold. Then grandpa Ted said that he saw this "instant gate" at the base in kileen. so we drove up there to check it out. and im GLAD we did! Ted even bought it for us as their contribution to the school. its just stakes and sections. i had this put up in minutes. im going to buy more and replace the "highway safety" gates in the back as well



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Akello does his own stunts


So akello was donning this cute "i do my own stunts shirt" for Lara's birthday celebration. Paloma was schooling akello on the fine art of frosting the cake.

akello was more concerned about the frosting than the art.


Thursday, February 07, 2008


IMG_0304, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

akello loved hanging out with the boys! eating hot wings and sippin brew. i put akello down to sleep in the third quarter. We taught him Cheers. Now he wont stop trying to "cheers" my coffee cup in the morning.

Whenever i was warming up some food in the microwave, it dinged and akello threw his arms up in delight and yelled, "ready!"


IMG_0299, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

enuff already with the pics dad!. im trying to watch the commercials! huggy's spots this year? what gives!

mini coke

IMG_0297, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

akello loved his mini coke. just kidding that was marks.

con queso

IMG_0293, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

Akello really started to think strategy come the 4th quarter

go giants!

IMG_0286, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

Akello sitting on the ottomon taking in the game. he probably go on and off that ottomon 100 times