Wednesday, July 29, 2009

quick vid

Monday, July 27, 2009


So ak always sees me doing stuff with my wallet, so he wants to do the same. i let him pay alot at the store, or swipe the debit card. And now he has sarted to want to take his wallet too. (His grandma gave him a backpack that had a little wallet attached to it)

so he keeps his HEB BUDDY bucks in there and im gonna make an ID for him, and put in some pictures of me, t, and mak. but most important are his calling cards.

the info is fraudulent of course so that nobody comes to our house and steals us.


so ak is quite the helper. sometimes when im not paying attention i realize that its quiet. too quiet. and by that i mean that the boy isnt saying "dad,dad,dad,dad,dad," in the course of 2 seconds.

so we are working upstairs and i look behind me to see what he's doing and behold!!!
daddys little helper

oh no!! he's completely rewired the equipment rack!!!


not really. upon closer inspection, he grabbed all the cables that were on the floor and started putting them in any available holes he could find. he was matching yellow cable to yellow hole, pretty impressive,

ak went to a playdate with a freind who likes to build forts out of furniture and pillows.


now he likes to do the same. hey, if he'll be quiet and not pull mak's toes and let me make dinner than im all about it.


of course he's wearing his construction hat.

chilimac is two months! woohoo! she got her shots today. poor little baby.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dont stop till you get enough!

somehow a cross between river dance and "the elaine"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so much going on



theres been too much going on to keep up! today ak missed his nap and was a crankmonster. what keeps me going through it is the fact that on days like this he's gonna be in bed once his head hits the pillow, and ill have time to do something productive in the evening.

like blog!


so theres alot going on. house stuff. school stuff. AK starts a new school come the fall semester and his last day at his current school is July 31. So that means no school for a month! which mean it will be full time AK!

So we have been trying to concentrate on things that we should do without AK like, dangerous sod cutting, fence staining, and other things that involve chemicals for heavy machinery.

for blogging short hand i will henceforth refer to baby m as MAK. pretty close to AK But with an M in front of it.


so mak has got her first bling from my dad and mom. i think it was my dads idea though.
check out the little bracelet.

baby's first bling

i always am joking with T saying, "i scheduled an appointment to get maks ears pierced" and stuff like that. I see these pictures of baby girls with pierced earings and stuff and it makes me cringe. im talking infants here. most of these pics can be found at
well maybe not, but you get the hint.

i took ak out on an outing to some nature preserve thingy with dinosaurs and ak told me to take a picture of him, and he posed. that was a first. here is the photo

ducati t-shirt
yes thats a motorcycle shirt that i made for him.

luckily i had packed his swim shoes with me and he was able to traverse the waterfall. i was still very nervous as i knew the rocks were muy slippery.





mac is the cutest. she sleeps alot. AK has gotten really used to moving around her and gets better at respecting her space every day. initially ak hated it when mak cried but that was only for a day or two, now i am really surprised at how he just ignores it and will even tell her, "its ok to cry baby mak!" you can cry!"

hes so sweet. he loves to kiss her toes.

here are the latest ak'isms. i jot them down in my phone everytime i hear them now so as not to forget.

so one time were all eating at the dinner table and im going on and on about something and then i look at AK and say, "you know what im saying AK!" and he shares my enthusiasm as he responds with a resounding, "yeah!"

then after a moment, he looks at me and says, "what are you saying dad?"

kickin it

one time MAk was sitting in her bouncy seat just kickin it, while were all eating dinner. of couse ak is naked as usual. and then after a while she starts to fuss, we all look at her from the dinner table and T asks her, "what is it honey? what are you trying to tell us? then AK asks her, "you wanna be naked!?"

ak getting serious about the backing tracks

when ak and i do bedtime i take a glass of water and i put it on his bedside table. he drinks it all during the night, and when he wakes up. one time i brought some juice for me. he kept on making excuses to get up just so he could get up and sneak a sip of my juice. by the end of it i said, "hey! quit drinking my juice buddy!" and he gets in my face and is all, "im a toddler! i drink juice. all the time!

he's two years old by the way.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Chil Mac sway

Heres me and chilimac hanging out while ak cooks with T.

her name reminded me of mac and cheese, which reminded me of chili mac.

Monday, July 13, 2009

this will hold ya

busy busy

trying to stay cool, will post soon, hopefully tomorrow

at the liz carpenter fountain at butler park

Sunday, July 05, 2009

6 years


Last week T and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniv. We celebrated in style with a choc cake with 6 candles.

We have also been celebrating our harvest of gigantic zuchini and amazingly good beefeater tomatoes.


giant zuchini

we have completed our latest outdoor project. putting down some playground mulch around the playscape in the back. It does need another layer, but you get the idea from the pics.


with border and weedblanket.

with playground mulch

if you notice, newer playscapes and parks use playground mulch instead of pea gravel.
i dont know why, but i can guess. One reason, kids are not so inclined to throw mulch as they are rocks, and if they do, mulch doesnt hurt. another reason is that rocks get hot when baking in the sun. really hot. another is that somehow, mulch is "green" or gives that vibe somehow???

I asked the dude at the landscape company what makes playground mulch...playground mulch. he said that its made from virgin wood. wood that hasnt been used for anything else, other than that, he hadn't a clue.

one thing thats nice about it is that its light! rocks are heavy, its easier on my truck to transport and didnt take that long to shovel into a wheelbarrow and wheel to the back yard,


speaking of yards, we have this squirl that likes to "shade bathe" right in front of the back porch. its funny when AK looks at it, "whats that squirll doing!?"

our garden has an owl now, to try and keep mr squirl and his friends at bay


it doesnt move though. i figured by now they would be selling robot owls at home depot that turned its head or lifted its wings like that little owl bubo from that movie clash of the titans.

we do have a pinwheel that provides movement thats supposed to help and we do move the owl to a new place everyday.

July 4 had visitors to the house, relatives got to visit and see baby M for the first time i think.

ak and gamma p had a good time running around the back.

you will notice in all the photos that baby m is supported on whats called a topenchino
thats not the way you spell it but, it is how you say it. its a montessori thing,

the mother sleeps with it before birth putting her scent on it, then when baby arrives, she is laid on it, smells mom, feels relaxed. also, it supports baby. baby always feels the same way no matter who is holding her, therefore baby is less stressed,