Monday, July 27, 2009


So ak always sees me doing stuff with my wallet, so he wants to do the same. i let him pay alot at the store, or swipe the debit card. And now he has sarted to want to take his wallet too. (His grandma gave him a backpack that had a little wallet attached to it)

so he keeps his HEB BUDDY bucks in there and im gonna make an ID for him, and put in some pictures of me, t, and mak. but most important are his calling cards.

the info is fraudulent of course so that nobody comes to our house and steals us.


so ak is quite the helper. sometimes when im not paying attention i realize that its quiet. too quiet. and by that i mean that the boy isnt saying "dad,dad,dad,dad,dad," in the course of 2 seconds.

so we are working upstairs and i look behind me to see what he's doing and behold!!!
daddys little helper

oh no!! he's completely rewired the equipment rack!!!


not really. upon closer inspection, he grabbed all the cables that were on the floor and started putting them in any available holes he could find. he was matching yellow cable to yellow hole, pretty impressive,

ak went to a playdate with a freind who likes to build forts out of furniture and pillows.


now he likes to do the same. hey, if he'll be quiet and not pull mak's toes and let me make dinner than im all about it.


of course he's wearing his construction hat.

chilimac is two months! woohoo! she got her shots today. poor little baby.


Blogger mamilo said...

Hello! This is Milo's mom, Erin. I came to your blog via your flickr page and have spent the past hour here at work looking at pictures of your amazing house and gorgeous wee ones! I can't believe how much bigger baby girl looks since the swing installation. And sad to hear AK is leaving HMS. (Where will he move to?) Milo will miss him. Every time Milo holds the door open for us he says, "Ok Akello, come in!" We're up for afternoon playdates if you're looking to fill some of your free time next month :)

7/29/2009 9:26 AM  

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