Thursday, January 14, 2010


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Monday, January 11, 2010

First Family Jam

its always nice to come home to a jam. I came home yesterday to find the whole crew upstairs rocking out. AK has been impressing me by his improved songwriting since he was two. today he was singing about his birthday and what he wanted for gifts. sometimes he makes his own tune, sometimes he borrows a melody of a song.

Right now baby mac is waving bye bye, saying bye bye, (only once so far) and eating baby food. Ak is asking for stuff for his birthday all the time, and making poopy jokes. This must come from his school.

the other day, T asked for the butt of the bread at dinner. AK flashed the biggest grin and yells, "butt bread?" you want poopy bread!!!" he went on and on with the 6 year old humor. cracking himself up with poopy this and poopy that. Me and T try our best to ignore it. We are working on his grace and courtesy alot right now. trying to get him back in the habit of saying please. I have reached my limit with his "whying" as i like to call it. a pre-schooler asks 800 questions a day. crazy stat. i beleive it. the other day i had to tell AK, "im not going to answer any more questions for the day. im done"

here he is wanting a baseball helmet for his birthday. He is big into helmets right now. He said, "take a picture with your phone, so that you can show mamma what i want for my birthday"

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Adendum to last post


(Adendum: courtesy of Mama T) No we have not sold out on our preference for non-Disney/Pixar (or other commercially popular images) toys and clothing but I have bought into the idea that when AK requests a pair of "silly" shoes because they're funny and make him laugh I can go with that (I'd like to think of myself as flexible). I love the fact that he has no idea that there is a movie out there about talking cars. I'm still a believer that Disney, etc. can wait.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

anybody still read this thing?



I know i have really slowed down on the posts. expect this to be the norm. I was thinking about it....people used to marvel at how much time i would give to this blog when i first started writing back in 2006. I never really saw what the big deal was then, but now I do. I dont know how i did it!?

oh yes i do.

I didnt have any kids,

Dr. AK
then i had one,

then i had two

combine that with a new teaching career, and starting a wedding videography business. whew. that leaves blogging at the end of the list.

babymac... top of the list!

I feel that i have to write knowing that everyone is waiting on pins and needles on my irongym progress. last year i got an irongym for xmas and began my irongym workout. i actually kept with it and went from 2 to 10 dead hang pullups. yay for me. i gave up on taking the bar down and using it for dips and pushups. THE bar is right next to ak's bathroom and its easy to knock out a quick set while i wait for him to brush his teeth or take off his clothes for his shower. (yes, he's back to showers)

this christmas has been fun with AK getting into presents and stuff. and little mac along for the ride. what wasnt fun was the whole family getting sick (except for T) during the course of the whole holiday pretty much. no playdates, no getting together with freinds. but we still managed .

alot has been going on with our yard that i have never had the chance to talk about.

this summer my dad and i cutup the grass in the front and moved it to the back. a hellacious process. the front is now a work in progress. we plan to xeriscape it.

in the begginning

laying it in

pallette gras on the left. grass from front yard on the right. buuuumpy.

nothing left up front

new granite pathway and flowerbed. moved all pea gravel to left for rock garden and eventual porch swing type thing.


ak got some great stuff for xmas, a scooter, a camera, a bike,



a microphone that plays songs and amps his voice, and alot of great other things. we celebrated advent and kwanzaa.

we had tamales and ham. we baked, we went to first night new years celebration and almost got blown into town lake. we planted a rosemary bush in the front that we are going to prune every year into the shape of a xmas tree and have an outdoor tree. and after it was over, we cleaned up.


mak got a baby doll


this year T didnt want to buy a tree to throw it away, she wanted to plant a chrismas tree in the front and celebrate outside every year. all going green and stuff. i think it was a ruse to go to her favorite store, "the natural gardner" to get a tree.


the nat gardner teaches you how to garden as well, has field trips, workshops, all that stuff. they have alot of land and they have examples of what you can do

pretty nice beds.

they also have chickens and donkeys.

and a swing


we found out that xmas trees grow to be big. realllllly big. so we bought a rosemary topiary. then we found out that they need to acclimatize to indoors via the garage for 4 days. that would put us two days after xmas. so we deocorated the ikea plant. and just planted the rosemary.



i got an iphone for xmas and now i can take great pics with it as well as video that i can upload directly to flickr. amazing. that was the biggest drawback to my old blackberry.

we kept it lowkey for new years. me and t stayed in and earlier that day we went to a very scaled back first night celebration downtown. we saw some taiko drummers. that was cool. and a small group of bagpipers and drummers. bought some kettle corn, and that was about it.

ak takes a break from the taiko drummers to get some kettle corn

first night austin taiko drummers

hope you had a good one and wish you the best for 2010. my goal is to write once a month!


passed out from too much xmas.