Monday, January 11, 2010

First Family Jam

its always nice to come home to a jam. I came home yesterday to find the whole crew upstairs rocking out. AK has been impressing me by his improved songwriting since he was two. today he was singing about his birthday and what he wanted for gifts. sometimes he makes his own tune, sometimes he borrows a melody of a song.

Right now baby mac is waving bye bye, saying bye bye, (only once so far) and eating baby food. Ak is asking for stuff for his birthday all the time, and making poopy jokes. This must come from his school.

the other day, T asked for the butt of the bread at dinner. AK flashed the biggest grin and yells, "butt bread?" you want poopy bread!!!" he went on and on with the 6 year old humor. cracking himself up with poopy this and poopy that. Me and T try our best to ignore it. We are working on his grace and courtesy alot right now. trying to get him back in the habit of saying please. I have reached my limit with his "whying" as i like to call it. a pre-schooler asks 800 questions a day. crazy stat. i beleive it. the other day i had to tell AK, "im not going to answer any more questions for the day. im done"

here he is wanting a baseball helmet for his birthday. He is big into helmets right now. He said, "take a picture with your phone, so that you can show mamma what i want for my birthday"


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