Sunday, January 08, 2012

An Epiphany Kind of Weekend

We celebrated 3 Kings, my father's 74th birthday and AK's baptism anniversary this past Saturday and of course I didn't get any decent pictures (I am really hoping to work on that). It was a full day which can often create challenges for our young ones but the day went really well. It was so nice to be a way from home in surroundings that still felt familiar and as comfortable as home to the children. They also had no problem making themselves at home by bring backpacks filled with their current favorite toys and of course their was birthday cake to be head so this definitely eases them into any occasion. "Cake" always makes it a party. The children were also particularly excited about the gifts they received.
I was kind of sad to say goodbye to the Christmas season. We had such a great time in the process of getting ready through our daily practice of lighting the advent candle and then steadily creating a festive Christmas environment as the day grew near. Post Christmas Day AK truly took on the journey of the Three Wisemen by moving them closer and closer to their destination bit by bit. On January 6, it was excited to tell the story and let AK act it out with our figurines as MAK watched. "They made it!"
On Sunday, the final pieces of our Christmas 2011 were packed up in a box and stored away in the attic. Our daily rituals that truly facilitated a special kind of family time and conversation ended. I haven't quite figured it out or discussed with my precious Bobo but I want to build upon what we began as we daily expressed our gratitudes before the light of the flame was extinguished. I know it may sound cheesy but it is my aim not to see the flame of Christmas extinguished in hearts as we move forth through where ever this year may take us.


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