Monday, July 01, 2013

Little house in the suburbs

That's the title I wanted to give my latest blog endeavor and then I came across this old friend and thought.  It's time to resurrect this dear old blog.  Technically it's seven years old and I thing that's really cool and special and once upon a time it drew people because of it's Montessori leanings and my husband's great wit.  Then it morphed into being more specifically for family members to keep up with the going ons, ins and outs of family life.  Where did I hope to go by starting a new blog?  I think I want a place where I focus on how WE keep things going, the aesthetic, the dynamic the rhythms of our family life.  As busy as we are and as much as I crave a slower family life I am proud of how we have managed to stay connected and face battles and challenges with sense of determination, respect and LOVE. I think at the end of the day I want a place to celebrate our family style.


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