Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Meeting the neighbors

We did it!  On a few occasions while in the backyard playing the kids have engaged in brief conversation with neighbor kid across the greenbelt and caddy corner to our house.  They can't see each other because of the large growth of bushes and trees but they can hear and so begins the conversations, "Hey you over there,"  and then moves on to the oh so sweet heart warming, "will you be my friend?"  Ah youth such a reminder of how easy it can all be.  Months later ;-) that same sweet kid voices hears my kids voices and says, "Hey I'm playing on my trampoline too." 
Today we decided to stop playing and head to the street adjacent to our house and say hello.  It shouldn't be too hard to find.  I am proud of my children's excitement and enthusiasm.  My ds writes a sweet note with his special rainbow colored pencil, signs his and his sister's name, rolls into a scroll and ties it up with a ribbon.  We head over on scooter, bike and foot.  They meet, it was good and sweet and satisfying.  I could tell ds was shy but happy to make a new friend.  We made an open invitation to come over and play.  I really hope it happens even if just a meetup at the neighborhood park. 
The brief visit seemed to filled each of them with a sense of connection to where they lived.  Walking home that mentioned all the 'friends' they've met since moving and I'm happy for them and more determined than ever to nurture and support developing a sense of community right here in our neighborhood.  Today felt really good. 


Blogger Tess said...

It's great to see this blog back. I hope your friends come over to play soon!

7/24/2013 8:04 AM  

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