Friday, March 23, 2007

open house!

i have sooooo much to write about but im out of REDBULLS so i will only talk a little.

the open house went awesome! we had a great turnout of some very possible students! it was from 10 to 12 this morning. i worked up to 9:45am with final touches, theresa practically had to kick me out. I think i had lost it by the time i kept re-arranging the vitamin waters (my new addiction since giving up beer for lent) for the guests on the entrance table.So i took akello out on his morning nap in the stroller. he slept for two hours! my legs were so tired! at the end of it, i felt like conan the barbarian pushing the the giant wheel of pain! but i knew it was good to give theresa alone time with the prospective students. on the walk i took this pic of landscaping gone wrong.


i cant stand this cheap plastic edging. and the rock? was that the crowning jewel. did someone say, "WAIT! what this needs is a rock! yes! now it is complete"
more on cheap plastic edging later.

back to MITN open house. whew what a relief.

i have to say that in the past week we have had very speacial and helpful guests. Lara and her two precious daughters Paloma and Nadine from houston. They have been such a joy. Lara's advice and wisdom has been invaluble in this nascent stage of the school, her daughters test driving the space has helped as well. Lara remember had her own school in austin at one time, and is now starting one in H-TOWN.


They went back to htown today but will be back soon.

they were great for akello too! nadine is 8 months and is crawling and i think it has motivated akello to start scooting a bit more too.


just the socialization is so awesome for him. Paloma would shower him with kisses every morning when i got him dressed and every evening that i gave him a massage. akello feels the love.



i dont know if akello is getting older or if its the girls being here but he is a LOT less sensitive to noise, sudden, louud or anytype. he doesnt flinch like he used to and stays asleep through it too. this is a joyous new thing.

on the walks in the morning. a slow and sleepy friday morning i swear, it seems like everyone is out to get you. it would drive me nuts. now its not so bad. what i mean is that, the UPS truck would not only rev its diesel truck by you only to screech to a halt 10 feet ahead of you, only to have the driver slam the truck door open as you passed, and then the umpteen dogs bark at the truck and just when you think its cool and your baby hasnt woken, then here comes the garbage truck, or some painting contractor or YOU NAME IT!!! if its loud and makes noise it will be there to drive you nuts and make you walk so fast to get out of there that hamstrings will be hurting the next day...after a walk! and forget about turning around and walking the other way. thats when some bro will decide to bring out his garbage bin and slam the door behind him and then the neighbor next to him starts up his mower!

uggg. you people have been there, that or you will be. we know of 5 couples having babies in april! isnt that nuts! thats a lot of new friends!



i met baby Aivy for the first time today, she was so small, she reminded me that akello was tiny at one point too. seems like so long ago. Aivy's mom linh thought the bertoia chairs were comfy. thats right, comfy. people at work and all my freinds are trying to buy them off me. but im keeping them for now. dont know if i will keep all of them or not, but ill at least keep one, you know for the chair museam thats going on upstairs. i broght two into the office as visit chairs and took out the two more comfortable but bigger JC evans chairs. theresa was elated.

im gonna sell those off.



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