Thursday, June 07, 2007


We leave for dallas friday morning. Its been tough packing up and getting ready to leave, it seams one thing pops up after another. Like Game 1 of the NBA FINALS. ha! i just found out they were on! thats how much parenting has changed me. so much just doesnt matter anymore. so last night i was messing around on flickr and noticed the "blog" feature. after i upload my pics, if i click on one, i can blog it. so it goes directly to bloger without me having to do all this technical copying and pasting of url html codes and what not. so thats what that was last night.

heres more of the story.

i had quit fro-ing out kell's hair b/c i loved those little curls. but he just decided to grab the comb and brush out of my hand the other day and decided to go to town!
this fro wont hold a hair pick yet, hopefully by his first birthday. ha!

i will be blogging from d-town. talk then.

yes, thats my nose.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome sugar bugs to the metroplex! Love the fro.


Tia A

6/08/2007 9:24 PM  

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