Friday, June 01, 2007

toasted o's


akello doesnt like the spoon, but he loves to eat. he forgets to chew a lot of times and just wants to keep packing it in like a squirrell in the fall. Im always freaked out that he's gonna choke and i break up his food really small. we tried putting his food on a little plate but he would just grab that and toss it across the room. then we would use the spoon and he would just bat it away. but if we put the food directly in his mouth he would eat it. looks like he will have to wait for peer modeling to start using the spoon because he could care less if his parents do it.


but putting the food in his mouth doesnt teach him how to eat, so we started putting a little food in front of him. this helps to develop his fine motor skills as well teach him to put it in his mouth. not that he needs help doing that.

he loooooves toast o's (cherios) they are all over the house. our cars, my pockets.

we have had some great new developments with MITN that i will talk about next post.


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