Tuesday, May 01, 2007

starting to pulll himself up


howdy folks.

my its been a while. There is something in the air. My minds capacity for sitting down for any length of time (especially to write) has been taken over by anticipation. by restlessness. There is soooooo much change afoot with our family. Id like to tell you more but now is not the time. SOON though...very soon. the school is doing great. and we are in the middle of our spring semester. we have learned a lot and are making some new and improved changes/ and or upgrades. like the garden! it is complete! i will take pics tommorrow. i brought down a bunch of teaching materials that theresa had stored in boxes in the attic and we consequentially re-arranged the garage! its so much better. i dont think anyone would notice but us. but we love it.

Akello is progressing! his top teeth are coming in fast! i think he has 4 or 6 that have come into the picture. Theresa is keeping a watchful eye for tooth decay. Shes heard some horror stories and has been researching it alot. Get this, apparantly there is an acid in our saliva that can hurt babies teeth. So i no longer model how to eat by eating his baby food and then give a spoonful of sweet potatos to him. No longer do we let him kiss us on the mouth either. he loves to attack us with those chompers! we keep our lips closed tight!

We have introduced brushing as part of his morning and night time routine. he like it.

Theresa and i just watched this awesome video on montessori kids in japan. it was on VHS! I had almost forgotten which buttons on the remote to pick in order for it to come on its been so long. then i realized it was the cable people. they messed it up when they were installing our 4 dollar cable upgrade the other day.

we have basic cable for the signal. and roadrunner high speed internet too. then we get this call that they want to give us digital cable for 4 bucks more. whatever! scammers! i ignored em forever, until they actually came beating down my door.

cable guy - "sir, we have been trying to get a hold of you. im glad i finally caught you. todays the last day that you are eligible for the upgrade. why havent you called us"

gil - "cuss its a scam"

cable guy - "no scam sir, youve been such a good customer that we are offering this to you, no strings"

gil- "my name isnt even on the bill"

cable guy -

gil -

cable guy -

gil - listen. ill sign up for 4 dollar cable but you got to tell me whats up, thats all, so spill it or im walking back into the house.

cable guy - well sir, we are targeting all the hispanics in the area that already have a cable hookup in order to get cable boxs into their homes so that they can have the opportunity to order the paperview fight between oscar de la hoya and maryweather this saturday. our profit margins on payperview dwarf those of digital cable, so its worth it to us.

Gil - oh. well thats all you had to say. but how come you didnt target my wife, whose name is on the bill? she's black, maryweather is black.

gil and cable guy together - cuss shes a womaaaaaannnnnn......ohhhhh..

so cable has almost sucked me in. after a day or two of exploring i put down the remote and have gone back to my eames lounge chair for reading and thinking.
its nice to know that its there if we want it though. last night i got sucked into flipping between sopranos, family guy, and some generic design show on tlc. i found myself in that endless search for something else to watch with a remote that was wayyyy to slow. but im back now.

i just tried to watch The Last Dragon. that motown production from the 80's. after 10 minutes i had to turn it off. i borrowed the dvd from a friend thinking it would be great to see it again. it was so bad. but worth the first 10 minutes to see greg kineer in some side role.

kello with grandpa ted.

akello is startting to pull himself up to stand. thats all he wants to do. i think he is going to skip crawling. not that that is a good or bad thing. some babies just do it. you cant even put him on the ground anymore to sit because he wont bend his legs, so you have to lay him down and then sit him up. then he just leans forward onto his hands and puts his legs underneath him and slowy starts coming off the knees. he looks like he's doing little yoga poses b/c he doesnt move very fast. he is concentrating so hard. he just kind of wobbles. keeping his ever wobbly little body in balance.

heres some video of him at marisols birthday party! he loves them scarves!


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