Wednesday, March 12, 2008



akello is a whole lot of fun these days, even when he gets upset and starts trashing the place. His words are exploding. He pretty much repeats anything you say. Today i was working on the computer, and i said, "CRAP!" and while jimmied with the cable akello points to the computer and guessed it. could have been worse.

akello thinks that everyone should be enjoying what he enjoys. Take books for example. he brings a book up to me about 50 times a day. Sometimes he wants me to read to him, but most of the time he just trying to help me out.

"why doesnt daddy have a book? whats his deal anyway. Do i have to spell it out for him? he flips through it and puts it up. i swear this is the last time i give him a book if he puts this one down then i give up.

same thing with balls. I have been introducing different types of balls to him and how to play with them. he was doing pretty good, until he learned "basketball" now EVERY ball is a baskettball. even the football is a baskettball. and again, if he wants to play with the balls, then he thinks that you want to too. I have been teaching him how to bounce the ball and catch it on the first bounce. He can kick the ball but cant dribble yet. he can head the ball, but thinks that hiking the ball is just sitting on it. HUT HUT! as he sits on the ball.


His most used words right now are Cereal, Basketball, No, More, peepee, wet, open door, work, book, water, CD, byebye

Funny story, A friend was over and akello was looking keenly at the girls toes. They had toenail polish on. He pointed at her toes, looked at mama and said, "Dirty!"

(theresa doesnt wear toenail polish)


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