Saturday, June 14, 2008

Confessions of a Dallas House Husband



We are starting to get situated here in Dallas. We like our little 485 square foot one bedroom apartment even though the people below us smoke inside their apartment and it funnels up to us making our clothes stink. At least they have to listen to Akello run around the apartment every day (run akello run!) There is a park very close by as well as anything else you can think of. whatever, its close by. very strange.

akello inspecting the grounds.

Things are very different this year being that we are so close to theresa's school, St. Alcuin. Akello goes there too so mama takes him in the jogging stroller in the morning and then walks down the hall to start her training. Then at the end of the day round 4ish she picks him up and strolls him back. This has left me with a large chunk of day to run errands and what not. I get to work out, scower craigslist for jobs, buy groceries, do laundry, throw trash, etc. I even have time to go to the movie theatre.

akello gets a lot of stair practice with us being on the top floor

But that was last week. This week will be a bit different as I just got hired on at Chilis to wait tables. This will be my third Chili's to work for and hopefully my last. I could coast by this summer on our government stimulas package but akello took all that plus a bag of organic pretzel sticks when we signed him up for Montessori School. Chilis is in walking distance so that was another plus to working there as starbucks didnt want to hire me. (wich was even closer of course)

I enjoy waiting tables and look forward to bringing home the bacon so to speak.

We bought akello this little ukelelee guitar just before we came to dallas, He has been so interested in theresas guitar but its so huge! Both of the guitar and ukeleelee are always out of tune as i couldnt tune the thing for squat and akello likes to strum them as much as he likes to tune them.

The other day akello and I were playing with the blocks and i built a pretty impressive fortress. Akello took one look at it and smashed it to bits with one swipe of his hand and then he said, "try again!"


AWHILE back. maybe two months ago, Akello and I were sharing a bagel and I took it out of his hand and told him, "Daddys turn". He let me take a bite and then snatched it back saying, "kello's turn"!


Akello is now endorsing Horizon Organic Cow's Milk (whole)

yesterday we were saying grace at the table and usually theresa and I take turns saying grace but this time theresa asked akello to say grace. He thought for a minute. Theresa asked him what he was thankful for and he said, "bagels...and raisin bagels".


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