Monday, November 10, 2008

Think outside the stacking cups

Think outside the stacking cups, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

I am now "using the force" as it were with the montessori method. Today Akello grabbed the stacking cups and began to work. He began to stack them differently than I would expect him to.

The me of 3 years ago would have stopped what akello was doing, told him that he was doing it "wrong" and showed him how to correctly stack the cups.

The me of 2 days ago would have thought in my mind, "he's doing it wrong". I would have started to say something and then would have caught myself.

But the me of today simply observed as akello tried multiple times, and finally stacked his cups. He was determined and focused and un-interrupted by me. I found great joy in watching him work, problem solve and be so joyous upon balancing the tower after so many tries, and he found that joy through self discovery. Not be me telling him that he "did a good job" or did it "right" and through that self discovery comes the fostering of independence and a scholorship to an IV league school...right?

Where's my light saber?


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