Wednesday, March 04, 2009

he's back!

Doctors visit
ak at the doctors.

so ak was sick for awhile there. i took the day off on monday to stay home with him while we formulated a gameplan. Thank goodness for retirees! (ak's grandparents specifically) Pearl was able to take over and My Dad was ready to go too. So we drove him up to killeen and he just came back today, good as new.


it was as the doc called it "a simple virus" he passed thru it in two days or so. just some fever, body aches, and sniffles.

we all love ak's doc by the way, dr. sufferdini at austin diagnostic clinic
we highly reco her if your looking for a ped.

ak has never had to pee in a cup before. he didnt like the idea that much. We finally had to leave the office after no success. at home, i finally had to pretend to let him urinate as usual, then once he let it flow, i had to rush the cup from the backside and scoop it under him. success! then we had to race the sample to the docs office. it was like an episode of ER, or SNL, or my life.

some said that the video did not work for them. here it is again but uploaded to a diff server, diff codec.


Blogger douglet_w said...

the real genius of this interview is the fact that you were able to do it straight, without laughing. i wouldn't have had the self-discipline.

3/08/2009 4:00 PM  

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