Sunday, March 08, 2009

jam packed weekend


we really crammed alot in this weekend.

T is beginning to recruit for students for next year. we had an open house and t put the school together. you know i usually dont see the school in all its glory cuss she lifts the curtain on everything after i have left for work.

above is flower arranging work. This is part of the beauty and aesthetics that makes montessori so great. Flower arranging is an example of "purposeful work" the activity has an end result that serves a real world purpose. Ak will be woo-ing the ladies for sure when he grows older due to his accute flower arranging skills, im sure of it.

Saturday had me and ak at the rummage sale fundraiser. go to ike's website and see how you can help this family in need. thought ak would be into the face painting, but no, here he is pointing to the car while all the action takes place behind him. "ready to go jogging daddy!".


which actually is his way to entice me to get to the trail so that as soon as we park the car and get out, he can say. "i dont want to jog, i want to ride my bike.

I now know that those days of jogging with him in the stroller are gone. now its me walking while ak rides his trike. i put a bungie cord on him to keep him from steering into oncoming traffic and to help him on the hills.


we went to zilker park after our walk. i totally forgot about this park. i hate this park. maybe it would be cool if you had a team of handlers there with you to help, but when you have a toddler who demands that you stay on the bench and watch his bike while he plays its no fun. the park is way too big. and get this...

your toddler can run over the train track via the "really cool" playground. and are seperated from your child. you have to walk all the way around to the other side of the park and by then, he's already gotten into some altercation with another toddler. all you could see was parents yelling at their kids from across the train tracks telling their kids to come back. i shoulda got a picture. too busy chasing ak.

hey, your burger is bigger than mine!

then we headed on to pick up T so that we could go to our friends birthday cookout. the food was soooo good. all from costco they said. look at the size of that burger!!
ak is having second thoughts about his taco selection. never second thoughts about cake though. he knows birthdays and cake go together.


he broke the birthday candles and after a failed attempt at a wax fusion, we just stuck the broken candles in the cake.


later on he hit the pinata!
Happy birthday Corina!

i cant belive ak hasnt aked maya out on a playdate yet.

probably cuss he saw how she brutalized the pinata. good eye AK. good eye.


sunday had us visiting my parents and grandparents and playing a lot of football


ak's great grandma got him a football that looks like a real football actually.
and he loves it. he had a geat time playing all day with my dad.


lets not forget kicking practice!

and now kicking practice for grandpa



ak picked two lemons from the greenhouse, and my dad gave us a fig tree!!






Blogger corina z lopez said...

Hey Akello didn't break the candle. It was broken in the package somehow. I think we broke it. Plus he put the 0 on/in the cake.
I'm really glad you came. Akello does really well with other kids. That's awesome!

3/09/2009 10:03 AM  
Blogger JaLisa said...

THose photos of he and your dad are priceless!!!! PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS!

3/15/2009 10:34 PM  

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