Friday, March 28, 2008


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akello if feeling better and is back to eating a 4 course breakfast (and holding it down)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


akello loves to pounce on me whenever im laying on the ground. what gives?

its been a very sad weekend for us. Akello started vomiting on friday and then came the diarea. poor little guy. then came the fever. Hes been suffering a string of sicknesses lately. Hes a trooper i tell you what. I know that theres good news around here but i cant think of it right now.

We are hoping for an easter morning miracle, and hope that he can shake this thing in time to visit the grandparents in san marcos. We shall see.!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


havent cut his hair since his first birthday. that was 9 months ago!


practicing his throw in.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

spring has sprung



well spring break was nice while it lasted. but now its over. we got a lot of stuff done and were too busy working or playing to really relax. Akello beat his strep throat but then got a fever three days later, but only for one that was good. i gave akello a haircut (tonight) and messed up a little.


my parents visited,

michelle visited and brought more clothes as well as some chairs from ikea houston for our school. i cut the legs off of them and now we can use the table thats been in our garage for almost a year. (pics later)


akello has doubled his food intake


we cleaned up the office, cleaned up the yard...


i did some sxsw, visited with friends

theresa figured out alot about what to do next year with the school


theresa spent the break observing students at a montessori school in georgetown to fullfil a requirement for her AMI degree. I stayed home with akello all week. we had a good time going to home depot and stuff like that. whatever we do, one of his balls has to be involved. he is nuts for this yellow one right now, "spikey ball!"


lot of play dates this week!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008



akello is a whole lot of fun these days, even when he gets upset and starts trashing the place. His words are exploding. He pretty much repeats anything you say. Today i was working on the computer, and i said, "CRAP!" and while jimmied with the cable akello points to the computer and guessed it. could have been worse.

akello thinks that everyone should be enjoying what he enjoys. Take books for example. he brings a book up to me about 50 times a day. Sometimes he wants me to read to him, but most of the time he just trying to help me out.

"why doesnt daddy have a book? whats his deal anyway. Do i have to spell it out for him? he flips through it and puts it up. i swear this is the last time i give him a book if he puts this one down then i give up.

same thing with balls. I have been introducing different types of balls to him and how to play with them. he was doing pretty good, until he learned "basketball" now EVERY ball is a baskettball. even the football is a baskettball. and again, if he wants to play with the balls, then he thinks that you want to too. I have been teaching him how to bounce the ball and catch it on the first bounce. He can kick the ball but cant dribble yet. he can head the ball, but thinks that hiking the ball is just sitting on it. HUT HUT! as he sits on the ball.


His most used words right now are Cereal, Basketball, No, More, peepee, wet, open door, work, book, water, CD, byebye

Funny story, A friend was over and akello was looking keenly at the girls toes. They had toenail polish on. He pointed at her toes, looked at mama and said, "Dirty!"

(theresa doesnt wear toenail polish)

Sunday, March 09, 2008


This past week was pretty cold. didnt stop akello from his outside playtime. the boy cant feel temprature i tell you.


Saturday, March 08, 2008


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

take it to the hoop!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

feeling better

akello is on the mend. No more fever and his fusiness goes down with each passing day. He's on antibiotics and luckily he likes the taste of it.


his appetite is back with a vengence. here he is downing some hot dog, (turkey dog)