Monday, June 29, 2009

one month and one week



baby m is one month and one week old. lots going on right now. Her eyes are getting wider, our hearts are getting bigger.

we did first bath. went very well, AK wanted a bath too. (in her bathtub)

what just happened to me!
first bath
i want a bath too!!

Ak is staying busy with new things. some goggles, and a baseball glove.


when MJ Died we played his CD.
who's Michael Jackson?

we had a photoshoot for a picture for baby M's announcement. went well.
but AK grew tired of the process. we really tried to get a perfect picture of him kissing baby m but wasnt meant to be.

big brother kisses

is this photoshoot over yet?
is this photoshoot over yet?

i can do tummy time too!

gentle touches



Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day


Fathers Day was great. T said she was gonna let me sleep in, so come 6am when AK pushed me and said "i want yogurt" i told him, "go tell your mother, im still sleeping", which im sure confused him as that was a first.

we had breakfast at the house and then went for a walk around the neighborhood park,

later, joe, paul mona and anita dropped by to say hi on thier way back to d town.


earlier that week gina, my dad and my grandma stopped in to see baby m and gina dropped off some flowers. Her fathers day card said,

"these flowers are for baby m. tell her to get used to it, pretty girls always get flowers"



later that night AK asked me as we laid in bed, "dad...are we lucky?"

"yes son, very lucky."

Fathers day

Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 3

Three weeks


Baby is 3 weeks old. things are good. we are loving the faboulous meals that people are bringing by and feel blessed. Do you know what a care calendar is? neither did i until this pregnancy. Basically people sign up on a day and bring you food. I have never seen this thing but i know it exists. a freind of ours put it together and emailed it to those that expressed interest in bringing food by.

We cant wait to return he favor and are getting tons of great ideas for meals.

ak and i are staying busy we try to stay out of the house as much as we can.

at baseball game with freinds


library branch grand openings


on sunday we were at home all day and we think ak's energy was too much for baby m.

ak likes waterplay. we do it alot. did you know that suncreen is now available in a spraycan, you just spray it on like paint.

Swim party at jeffs
swim party

swim party

butler park

backyard fun

i bought ak these swim slippers from target. I bought him the girls version because the boys version is impossible for him to put them on. the girls however is easy. He can do it himself.

i gave ak a haircut. this was the first time he let me use the clippers, but then i ran out of battery, so then i charged it and did it again, but he ran out of patience so he has a mohawk of sorts, im gonna try to shave it off, not sure if hell let me, he told me after the last session, "i dont like haircuts" so its not looking too good.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

waiting out the storm


Baby's umbilical cord stump came off yesterday and so you know what that means....



T related an interesting piece of info...

We only do tummy time because of SIDS. Infants sleep on thier backs now and because of this we need the TT. Before, they didnt have to do tummy time b/c they did it everytime they woke up!

This baby is strong. strong neck. stronger than AK was. Don't tell him i told you that.



waiting out the storm, watching the lakers game.

Monday, June 08, 2009

2 weeks old!

make that kid shutup

today baby m started crying at the dinner table.

ak yells,




Monday, June 01, 2009

One Week Old


AK marked baby m's one week birthday today with some cake from Tia Gina. Gina prepared a wonderful italian dish made up of stuff i cant pronounce along with a big brother cake for AK. Chocolate. his favorite. You will also notice the contribution from my father in this picture. thats frozen turkey in that glad bag. from thanksgiving? new years? i dunno. We picked lettuce from our garden to make a salad. bueno!

ak likes to call out his favorites. its really cute when he does. He has his fave parks, foods, and music.


we have been using the cake to get him to eat dinner recently. he has become quite picky and I have had about enough of it and tried the whole, eat this or nothing! but then he wakes me up at 5 in the morning saying he's hungry!!! arg! so now i give him food he likes even though it seems weird. so Yogurt dinners are not uncommon in the household.

so we put a candle in the last piece of cake and sang happy birthday to baby m.



when ak's grandparents brought him to the hospital to see baby m for the first time they took him to the gift shop to get a gift for his baby sister as per t's suggestion. and all on his own, AK picked a PINK hairbrush and comb set! before even seeing the baby! or knowing the sex!



one week old

speaking of cake, some of the girls from my advanced tv class made a cake in celebration of baby m. they also made her a onesey! that says i love daddy, but then they added + k-ahs (which is the name of their television show)


that class is %90 girls so they have been all about baby m.


it was very sweet.