Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day


Fathers Day was great. T said she was gonna let me sleep in, so come 6am when AK pushed me and said "i want yogurt" i told him, "go tell your mother, im still sleeping", which im sure confused him as that was a first.

we had breakfast at the house and then went for a walk around the neighborhood park,

later, joe, paul mona and anita dropped by to say hi on thier way back to d town.


earlier that week gina, my dad and my grandma stopped in to see baby m and gina dropped off some flowers. Her fathers day card said,

"these flowers are for baby m. tell her to get used to it, pretty girls always get flowers"



later that night AK asked me as we laid in bed, "dad...are we lucky?"

"yes son, very lucky."

Fathers day


Blogger JaLisa said...

love these photos

6/28/2009 10:53 PM  

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