Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 5, Here comes the Rex.

No work on the nursery today. This might sound like its going to be a trend. But the deal is that, (per the baby books) you can't paint while mother is in the house, so I have to wait until Tuesday and Wednesday to paint B/c those are my days off and Theresa will be at work. Until then I am just placing orders for stuff.

Oh, guess what arrived today! The Rex Rocker! I have put it in the bedroom, its new home. and since the nursery is being worked on, I put the Rar Rocker in the theatre upstairs for now.

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Oh and now its cool to say Thanks to Pearl (theresa's mom) for picking up the tab on the RAR Rocker. She wanted to buy us a rocker, but I had already ordered the RAR, so she said that she wanted to pay for it and that would be her gift. Pearl laughed when she first saw it. Thats pretty much what all my relatives have been doing. Laughing and then saving grace by saying things like, "its unique!" But I do think Pearl really likes it even though she wouldnt say if she didnt. Ted on the other hand (theresa's dad) will let you know what he thinks all straight up style. But he liked it too. I was holding the gift a secret from T, but kinda let the cat out when I told T to tell her mom that the rocker was here. Theresa "carried the one" and all was known.

Until tomorrow!
Oh here is your daily dose of Theresa. I took this pick when She was excersising to Madonna
in the nursery last week prior to me moving all the furniture out. That is our dresser there on the left. Its really cool. I bought it off craigslist. Fot those of you that are not aware of craigslist you need to check it out. Its an online community where you can pretty much find anything you need. (dont forget to click on your city before perusing the sight)

Anyway back to the dresser/changing table. It comes with interchangeable color panels that go in front of the drawers. I'm going to use the blue side, or if its too much im going to remove the panels and just use the bare white surface with blue pulls or wooden beech pulls. we will see.

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