Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baptism photos

akello baptist scan copy

so we FINALLY picked up our baptism photos that we took at SEARS in....JANUARY!

when i rolled up the lady was like, hmmm i dont see those anywhere. I chimed in with a sheepish look on my face, "well, we did take them in January" "wow that was a while ago!" "yeah well...."

"you didnt get a call?" she asked? "no" and it was true. we knew it only took two weeke for them to be ready but we just didnt have time to get them, and when we did have time we just werent thinking about it. Apparrantly it was the ladys job to do the calling and she admitted that she had assumed her manager called us since he took the photos, and he usually calls his own peeps. She was really sorry., especially since i had waited patiently in line for 30 minutes reading a better homes and gardens that i stole off the checkout stand shelf.

"its no big deal really" and she was so nice that she just gave me all the pictures. i say this b/c apparantly what they do is print out all these extras, like a big 8X10 and a calendar sheet with the babys picture on it, all this stuff to try to get you and buy it since its ready and all. but she just gave it all to me. so that was cool
well. here they are!

akello staigh at ya copy

ak baptism big copy
my fave


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