Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy fathers day

Daddy's first Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to all you daddys out there. My first fathers day got started a little early with Tia Anita taking her nephew (me) and her godson (akello) and our driver (theresa) out to lunch at Snuffers on saturday. It was not only a nice treat but it was also so great to be out enjoying lunch with the family on a saturday. How ironic that i happened to see Betsy sitting at the table next to us. Betsy used to hold my position at Design Within Reach before she quit because she couldnt stand to work weekends anymore. I took her place and now here she was in Dallas sitting at the table next to us enjoying lunch on the patio in the middle of a saturday. Anita also gave me a care package for ffathers day and some cookies! the care package had stuff like a gatorade, a "parents" magazine. some togo coffee cups. i love those. anyway, little things that i really enjoy and could use. beats a necktie or any fathers day gift from the "foley's fathers day gift kiosk"

fun at snuffers

Snuffers is no joke. the best cheese fries i have ever had. the burger was ok and all. but those loaded cheese fries. Highly recommended. Luckily akello had a big breakfast and wasnt all grabby grabby at the table like he usualy is.

he was grabby grabmonster this morning though when we went to breakfast at Cafe Brazil. the food was ok. I had the migas. they were interesting. Light, not greasy. in fact they were so light, i had key lime pie for dessert. THeresa had pancakes. those were ok too. but the coffee.

who are those people?

the coffee was very good. thats what they are known for. great coffee that you have to serve yourself wich is both good and bad. they have about 10 varietals at once. i tried two and they were bothe amazing. its worth the trip just for the coffee. its kinda like a kerbey lane cafe. 24hours a day, decent prices, except for the cofee. 2.50 a cup! it is bottomelss though. and worth it! recommended.



its 10:00 i have to go to bed. ill write more later.


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