Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Party


this party was full of weekend. im not even going to fix that. cuzz thats how this weekends been really. Such a tough week at school and busy weekend as well. Saturday was the music party at Heart Song School of Music. Akello has been going to this music class once a week. Theresa tells me that he LOOOOves it but i have never been. This party was kinda like an open house for the families to come check it out, and enjoy a potluck dinner.


We stayed a good while and had fun except there was this one grandma who im pretty sure crashed the party. she was going up to everyone talking crazy about her 9/11 conspiracy theory and stuff. I think thats what she was talking about. she was a soft talker. and on top of that i just nodded my head alot and tuned her out.


more pics on the flikr!


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