Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy fathers day

fathers day 08

Happy Fathers Day everybody.

We celebrated the way we did last year, with some small exceptions. We went to Cafe Brazil again but this time we went to the new Beltline location on addison's famed resturant row. I guess its not that famed. Only to those that work in the restraunt business like I do. Addisson is a suburb that we are really close too. Last time we waited for hours for a table, not this time. This time we also showed up at nine in the morning. Akello decided that he didnt want to sit with us and would rather be greeter to everyone that walked in the door. He was also fascinated by the block glass that "adorned" the entryway. You know, that stuff from the 8o's modern housing movement.

As montessori parents we let him do this for a little bit. As human beings we had to pick him up and put him in the hi-chair. he fussed for a bit but came round as always.

here is a picture and video from last years fathers day. Remember! you member!

fathers day 2007 cafe brazil

fathers day 2007

akello does not want to give up those potatos!


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