Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Backyard Renovations

outlining the limestone, cleaning up the leaves

So we have been working on our backyard for quite some time now. Moving the shed was the first step in our plan. The break has allowed us time to move forward with the "trail".

We completed outlining some flowerbeds awhile back and have recently finished outlining a trail that follows the perimeter of the backyard for akello and his freinds to ride their trikes on.

here is a pick that shows akello wearing his safety goggles while helping dad. You can see in the pick at the top as well as this one the flower bed and his tree that we want to encircle with the trail as a turnaround for the trikes.

in this picture you can see the new flowerbed filled in with soil, mulch, some color spot perrenials and 3 types of sage brush. The trail has been outlined and i have started to lay down the week blanket.

akello is a great helper. He passes me the staples for the weed blanket and i hammer them in. sometimes, ill get one started and let akello hammer away at it for an hour or two, that usually gets him ready for nap. works out great.

Yesterday I went to Whittlesey Landscape supply to pick up some decomposed granite to fill in the trail. Below is a pick of them putting half a cubic yard into my truck. its as much as my truck can handle. it took me three trips to get enough for the first layer

The first layer is now complete but now i have to go and get another layer and then rent a compacter to really make it a good surface for the trikes.

Whittlesey is great. Its sooooo cheap compared to home depot. See the flower bed in the picture? thats 30 feet long and 4 feet deep. There is 3 inches of mulch in there that cost me 16 bucks. This would have cost me 50 bucks if i went to home depot. i SHUTTER to think what the limestone would have cost me at 3 bucks a rock at home depot.

Whittlesey also sells bend-a-board edging which is a rounded plastic of sorts thats a little more forgiving if falled upon than the classic Green metal edging. i also like it cuss its brown and i can cut it with a hacksaw.

more pics soon


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