Thursday, December 04, 2008

New School for Akello / thanksgiving recap

Akellos new school

So the big news is that Akello now goes to Hawthorne Montessori school. He's been going since november first. Now i know what your thinking. "wha wha???"

I know. I know.

The whole reason Theresa started Mornings in the nest was so that she could stay home with him, still be an educator, still make money, not have to pay for childcare.

Well, we were forewarned that Akello might not do well in an environment such as this once he reached two years old. It was stressfull for mama and akello both. Imagine if you would having to share mama and all your work materials! Theresa knew that it was time for akello to go to a seperate program as much as it pained our hearts and pocketbooks. The only thing was, would we find a school that we saw "worthy" of our standards that was "worthy" of our pocketbook AND was close to home? We obviously did, but not before checking all options in the north part of town, and there are about 3 to five. Hawthorne Montessori was the only school that had that vibe, that felt right. and upon further inspection and experience has proven to be an awesome school with awesome faculty. Its on the pricey side, but you will know were that money went. Akello is loving it!

We went everywhere it seems this thanksgiving. To theresas parents in kileen, to my parents in san marcos, to my sisters in san marcos. here are some pics. and video

akello eating pie at my parents, or should i say, eating whip cream




akello loves his tamales!

akello's version of "goodbye, so long, farewell my freinds"

akello and DJ at grandma pearls

fun times

akello and great grandma chivela exploring my parents backyard

akello and gina and kevins. they got him a john deere toy skid loader with bucket and shovel. he hasnt let go of the skid loader yet. a great bargaining tool!!

this was only one of the many offerings that my gourmet sister served for brunch following thanksgiving. there was sooo much good food to be had.


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