Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh, did i mention?

T working on our new herb and flower garden.


If you couldn't gather from those pics last post, T is pregnant with an early June due date. I know I know. never got around to mentioning it. time flies. Its so funny, last pregnancy we took a picture of t's belly everyweek and made a flip book. This year is a bit more relaxed. We are however excited and have been talking to AK a lot about it.


We have been reading books about siblings or stories about new babies in the family. We are going to wait and see about the sex, but ak thinks its a boy, or wants a boy. He is pretty excited about having a baby brother. we will be eating dinner and he'll be eating his food and then he'll finish and start taking his plate to the counter and say, "im gonna save it, for my baby brother!"

new peach tree is starting to bloom!


Today i was trying to fix my computer and i was talking out loud while Ak was around.

"man, what is up with this computer!, why are you not working...c'mon just quit out already!"

then ak comes over and is all, "whatr you doing daddy?" "trying to update this software ak, and i cant figure out why its not working." "oh, its because i hit it with a stick."

So comments like that i dont know what to think he kidding?....did he really hit it with a stick? he's done naughty stuff before and just told us straight up like it was no big deal.

I start looking the powerbook over for scrapes and bruises. hmmm....
about thirty minutes goes by and i have come back to take another crack at it again.

AK sits and watches as i trouble-shoot out loud. "hmmm, maybe i should install the discs with the screen saver disabled..." then Ak looks at me and says, "I TOLD YOU, I HIT IT WITH A STICK, REMEMBER!!!"

Then he breaks out into laughter and runs away. This from a two and a half-year old.



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