Monday, August 03, 2009

quotes, toes and goal


Chilimac received high marks on her recent ninja assesment. Mainly due to the fact that her hair is blacker than black and that the gap between her big toe and the other toes is big enough to hold not one, but two throwing stars. She will however not be going to ninja training camp due to the fact that she is only 2 months old.


ak's soccer goal is complete!

it took awhile because i was slowly collecting the wood for the project of craigslist or from friends. I already had the netting from a past project where we setup a temporary fence, and i think i spent 20 bucks for screws and fittings. i wanted to spray paint the net white, but that would have cost 30 dollars for paint.


after i showed it to him he said and i quote, "i want to play baseball!"


speaking of quotes....

jay leno, err..conan obrien should have a sketch were he reads an AK quote of the week.

AK does yoga at his school. its pretty amazing to walk in on a class of kids doing the "tree"pose .

anyway, were at home and ak says, "hey dad, i can do the downward dog." oh yeah? how do you do it i ask. "you bend over....and you urinate".


in the kitchen eating dinner. Ak looks at chilimac and proclaims, "i dont want a baby girl, i want a baby, i want you to put her back in your tummy!"

at the dinner table..T has this way of asking questions like," Would you mind to wash the dishes." and i hate that style of questioning. i always say, "just tell me to wash the dishes!" or shell say stuff like this, to ak at dinner, "do you want to eat your green beans?" and i look up in amazement, cuzz i know where this is going and sure enough ak replies with ...and i quote..."no, thanks for asking though!"


one day were in the bathroom and he's sitting on the toilet and hes singing this song that i have never heard before. "its a bad day, its a bad day" he just keeps repeating it over and over to a melody. and i ask him, why is it a bad day??? and he stands up, points at the toilet and says, "cuss i got diahrea!!"


he didnt really have diahreah...i figured out that he knows that if you have diahreah you have to go to the bathroom alot. so he uses this as a way to get out of bed. so every night he tells me that he has to go (cuss he has diahrea) just so that he can get another minute or two out of the bed until i see that he has normal poop as usual.


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