Saturday, May 20, 2006

Day 6. Music for Baby

Tonight I came home to see Theresa hangin out and giving Baby a little listening time. What an adorable site! I was all, "Mozart?" and Theresa is all, "Tupac!"

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We went downtown after dinner to hear a freind's band play, so it was even more music for Baby.

I did get an email today from Blik confirming my order. I had ordered some birds for one of the walls in the nursery. I plan to place the birds above the dresser.

What is Blik you ask? well go to and find out! Tons of cool wall graphics to liven up any room. Here is a picture from their site of the birds im getting.

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Im not getting the blue birds though, Im getting them in gray assortment. Partly because they are "most real" Heres one problem that I ran into when starting to design the room. The Montessori Method states that there should be no "cartoony" toys or art. Meaning no cute nuthin. nuthin cutesy at all. hence the wooden toys and what not. So that means only realistic representations of animals and people. The birds look kind of real (from afar) and if anything, they are abstract, wich is good. I wanted to put up some pictures of animals, but give me a break! who does real pictures of animals that arent photographs?


Anonymous melissa said...

Tupac!!! you guys are the BEST!

5/21/2006 3:50 PM  

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