Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jaden the testdriver


Jaden and his mom came over to play the other day and it really helped to have jaden test out the room with his curiousity and physicality. Jaden is in the age range of the kids that T will be teaching.

We learned that the floor lamps in the living room are going to have to go! I got a plan for their replacements already, more later. you can see it in the pic below.


Theresa and I have been finding a good deal of used items off craigslist for the school but will still have to buy a few things. If you have any push or pull toys, balls of any shape size or texture, wagons or easels, or anything like that dont hesitate to donate it to us if its just sitting in the attic.

Theresa and I are excited and busy and have already started re-arranging furniture (my favorite part) as if school were to start any day! THeresa and i get so excited just seeing the big empty room. We are busy designing the flyer and the website for the school too!



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