Friday, January 12, 2007



I have been sick for the past days and have been going straight to bed as soon as i get home. Im no better today, but since im already sick, One hour wont make me any worse.

I think akello has a little something too. He's sneezing and has a little cough. Its always hard to watch him wake himself up by coughing or sneezing. poor little guy.

Well, the baptism went very well. It was a beautiful day, and the service was beautiful as well. We were so lucky that Larry, (one of the godparents) was able to make this event seeing as how he works in Turkey, (the country). We were very happy and fortunate to see him and for him to be able to be here with us on akello's special day.



I didnt take any pictures during the service, because as the rector mentioned, "if your taking pictures then your not in the moment. its better just to live the moment".


I agreed, so i took a picture of vivian, another little one getting baptized. My pictures were shaky because of the no flash rule.
After the baptism we went home and had a reception at our home for him. It was a good time and akello received a lot of gifts. Theresa also read a poem that she had been working on for him on this day that was very nice. I had a chance to catch up with jaden and we shared a beer and talked about life in general but mostly about how His dad never lets him have beer at his house. Must be a cultural thing.




Valerie (one of akello's godparents) bought him this cake!

So many of our friends are either pregnant or have babies. it makes things a lot more fun! both girls that aren't holding a baby in this picture will be soon!


My grandpa was about to leave and i saw him whip out these red hook thingys.

"what are those?"

"for the boots!"


later in the day we worked on Akello's Goalie skills.




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