Tuesday, March 27, 2007

im going to bed before 10

i can do it! but i gotta make this quick.

so things with the school are going good, people are signing up, wich leaves me with a "whoa this is for real" kind of feeling. My friend ron says when he retires he's going to open up a vietnameese noodle stand just so that he can call it "pho real!" thats reason enough in my book. at least make a t-shirt or something.

anyway. i know you people are dying for todays pic from the ghetto walk...


now then,. some akello video.

and for those with no highspeed, a pic of akello exploring the bean bags!


notice the new fish there on the left? i call him bob. i take care of him. it was funny cuss we were all night before style getting ready for the school openhouse. and theresa texts me..(yes she texts now).."pik up beta frm petco!" so i got one. and the next day she texts.."pic up food for beta!"

we had forgotten all about feeding it and had been treating it like anoher item for the school. i call him bob because of that movie "what about bob" in that movie their is a character who happens to be a fish named "gil" who is owned by bob. it was the first time i had ever heard my name in a movie. it obviously stuck. so i call my fish...BOB!

ANYWAY, you will also notice the new beautiful tapestry the shields the fireplace. it is a yard of fabric that i bought at ikea for 3 bucks, then i had my mother in law sew some loops into is so i could hang it from the mantle via a dowel rod that i had to cut myself at the home depot. ( more later on cutting it myself) it shields the stereo equipment and doubles as art! which it is.



oh and you will also notice the latest donation to the school. i got to say , the outpouring of support for MITN has been great! more on that later. but for now ...see that little pouf! (that's italian for cushion) stephani with an I gave that to us. it was from the ill-fated Banana Republic home collection. (remember when they just sold khakis and t-shirts!) she thought it would be perfect for little ones to pull themselves up on. and its made of ultrasuede, the real deal from toray. not microfiber. stay away from microfiber. anyway, yes i wish nadine was still here so she could testdrive it!. it also makes for a great ottoman for the couch as there is nothing in front of it now.



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