Sunday, April 01, 2007


ive been futzin with different video servers so that i can easily add video to this blog de akello. i think i figured it out on youtube. They seem to like you to upload videos in a very certain way to maximize video quality. so i did what they wanted and here it is. lets see how it looks.

I recently completed the xeriscape upgrade to the front yard. and while i like what ive done with the place, i cant say its a complete sucess. i'm not sure if some of my transplanted cacti are going to make it :( dang! i just used an emoticon...havnet done that in a while.

anyway, i did all this research on cactus planting and what not and i think i killed em. some interesting things i didnt know...

1. if you transplant a catus, the side that was facing the sun before being uprooted should still face the sun in its new location...b/c they can get sunburned. so i put a little sticker on the spine that faced east and was sure to do this.

2. the cacti has to sit in the shade for 3-5 days after being uprooted so that the roots can heal over. otherwise, if you replant it immediatly it will get infected ...words like mold, fungus and bacteria where i just did what google said

my arms been hurting and i was not able to complete the project before MITN had its open house. that was a real bummer for me but oh well. so my freinds tony and elizabeth offered to finish the job for me if i gave them the location of my secret gravel pit! "not a problem!!" and i even calculated a formula for how much more gravel i needed. so they went and got 50 shovels worth and finished the job this week and there is still about half of the supply remaining.

here are pics of the progress.




the cacti when they were just little pups!

time to move these bad boys to the front so the little ones dont poke themselves playing in the backyard.

all moved with pea gravel!

not looking so healthy!!

to the front!!
upon move in.

cutn shrubs

preppn patio



finally find chairs
score the rocks.

play with placement


installed butterly iris for now, moved the bloompot to the ground to free up more patio space. were not done yet, but definitly done for now....


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SQUIRMY - but cute!

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