Monday, April 02, 2007

sitting up!

so here are some pics of daddy and akello being silly!



and now....the ghetto walk, mailbox edition!

so take a look at this one.

so i can see how this one went down.....

"hey! bobby jo's got a blowtorch...lets git him to do it!"

do what?

"make us a blowtorch! i mean, a mailbox!"

why for?

"cuss he can do it all custom! make it look all fancy and shit!"

yep. im pretty sure thats how it played out.

like, i guess this is cool and all, but its pretty messed up from the other side...or is that just me? so messed up that they have to put mailbox numbers on the mailbox apparantly. maybe there was a part two?

"you idiot! now look what you done!"

i didnt do it! bobby jo done did it!

"it only works one way!"

well yeah i can see that! i have eyes!

"well what are we going to do about it?"

i know!, we'll go to home depot and get some of those mailbox numbers and put them on the wrong side of the mailbox!

"good idea! i know i married you for sumpin!"

now then, this aramadillo. i wouldnt call this ghetto, but i had to share. I like it, even though i wouldnt rock it. its just not my style, but i do like it. its charming.


this one too. it gets points for originallity and upkeep. again, i could never do this, but it beats most others. i love the whole, "barn remodeled into a lighthouse look" or was it a lighthouse remodeled into a barn???? only on the ghetto walk folks!


still trying to make the video look good on the blog, messing around with the settings and such. the other ones looked too blocky and pixelated. lets try again with a quicktime version

so akello can now sit up on his own for a minute or so before falling over. i usually just hold him by the back of his shirt but in this case ive got both hands at his sides ready to catch him!



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