Monday, June 18, 2007


well today was the start of week two. a bit easier i must say. I am more confident and have learned a lot of logistical lessons from week one that should make this week a bit easier. So much goes on everyday here that im really going to try and blog everyday to keep up. theresa does the same with her work. she takes notes all day, and then comes home and puts them into a narrative form on the computer so that they are ready to turn in on monday morning. they have to do that each week and then people grade their notes to make sure that they are getting the lessons right. not something you want to be doing on sunday night.

so speaking of sunday, last night i went to bed at 11. way to late for this schedule. we are up at 6 over here. i have started to use the timer feauture on the coffee pot. one less thing to worry about in the morning. tHERESA has to leave at 7 in order to get to school by 8. its only 20 minutes away but she has to beat the traffic. we went to target the other day to buy theresa a jacket. her classroom is freezing. while we were there we saw this store signage and did a double take!

akello's long lost sisters

those could be akellos sisters we both cried out.

so anyway, sunday. after brunch i took the family home and i headed over to the local laundrymatt to do our laundry. it sucked to have to do laundry on fathers day, but i decided to make a party of it and took my ipod, a lawn chair,my laptop, my to go coffee from cafe brazil, and was going to get a cigar and just kick it outside on the curb. yes that would be kinda ghetto, but when in rome. then i realized, hello! they dont sell cigars anywhere. the only place you can get a good one is at the liquor store 4 miles away at white rock lake. blast! i just didnt feel like doing all that, so i went to the matt. i roll in and ijust beat the rush. the laundry matt was pretty cool. it was tricked out with some fake eames tandem shell seating in alternating colors of robins egg blue, yellow and red. and the place was black and white. it looked very cool. they also had these fiberglass clothing stations in the same blue as the seating. oh! and they had two tv's going. no wi-fi though. not that i was expecting it. there was a soccer game on the tv that was just starting. MEXICO vs COsta rica.

fathers day laundrymat

My clothes are loaded and going and all of the sudden, everyone decides to show up, as if to watch the game and do laundry at the same time.people had brought food and all. didnt see any beer though. at least they hid it well.

and then i came home and made dinner and had one of my beers. i dont drink them lightly, only drink them when i really need one, like on a monday or something, cuss its such a pain to go get them and were on a limited budget as well.

today akello and i went uptown to talk to Charlie Uniform Tango about doing some side work while im up here, in case they need any extra night or weekend help with editing . they had a really cool space on mckinney and oakmont. i walk in and i notice that they had a pebble tec floor. i almost started small talk witht eh receptionist about it, just to get it out of my system! you see, where i used to work, we had a floor like that and we got soooooooooo sick of people asking about it. SICK OF IT!

then i remembered that i DID want to job here, so i kept my mouth shut. After talking with them i mosied on down to McKINNEY AND kNOX to go visit the DWR showroom and to let akello move around on the rugs and play on the furniture.


then it was a bus ride back to the car and then back home. akello loves the bus. he pretty much likes anywhere where there are people. he even likes Dallas people.


BUT its true, i havent found one yet, but when i do find the "keep dallas pretentious" t-shirts, im buying one, and a onesy for akello!

on the way home akello fell asleep without a fuss. thats always brings a huge smile to my face when i can put him in the car seat, load up a toy or two in front of him, run to the drivers seat and take off. a couple of giggles and coos is all i hear for about two minutes and then i look back at him, and he is out! nothing is better!

sometimes when akello is all fussy gus i have to do something that totally freaks him out to get him out of it. something that boggles his mind that he's never seen before. like floss my teeth, put on shaving cream, beat box, or if you really need to set your phasers on stun, blow bubbles with chewing gum. these usually work for about 3 times so im always on the lookout for a new one.

oh, thats all for now. tommorrow is tuesday and we will be going to little gym!


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