Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Day


theresa is sleeping. not because she wants to, no. she has a lot of work to do. She had no choice in the matter. She was taken by what i like to call...."the day". The Day's powers are no match for your intentions no matter how much you have to do.

it starts innocently enough. Theresa will take akello to bed at 7pm. "wake me up if i fall asleep she says." 7 times out of 10 she falls asleep. and once out of those 7 times she will not wake up. Oh sure, i shake her and stuff and she opens her eyes, but she mutters stuff and goes back to bed. I try it again, but no use. Both her and akello are out!

The day used to get me every time that i would feed bob. i would lay down on akello's softplay and drop a few pellets in his tank. then i would just turn and rest my head on the red plushy square (as seen in the video of akello dancing below.) and that was it. theresa would have to wake me up. sometimes i would never recover and would just go to bed at 8pm. sometimes i would snap back out of it. depending on what was due the next day.

I now only feed bob right before i go to bed. i also can lay on the couch anymore after i get home. that two is an invitation for "the day"

I have noticed a few things in akello. If he has something in his hand and i start to take his shirt off, say i start to take his right arm and pull it out of the sleeve...he will transfer what is in his hand to his other hand. i noticed this today while we were brushing his teeth. He grabbed the toothbrush with his right hand. i started to pull his right arm throough, so he gives the toothbrush to his left hand. and as soon as thats done, he knows the other arm is coming so he gives the toothbrush right back to the right hand.

Akello has started to enjoy bathtime now. Making my job A LOT easier. before he was dying to get out of there. Now i have to make "last call" for bathtime books.

he looooooves books. we have books in every room in the house. he pops out of bed in the morning, (yes, he takes after his mother) and goes to the nearest book and brings it back to whomever is closest.

HE continues to progress with the spoon, so thats good.

He is starting to put things back where they belong. barely, but starting.

He is running now. moving pretty fast.

He loves to say "no" when you ask him a question. This is pretty funny sometimes because you will ask him something that you wouldnt guess him to want any baby to do and when he responds with no, well...its just funny.

"are you ready to go back inside?"

"No" - Akello (keeps playing)

and so on.



"Do you think the cowboys are going to go to the superbowl this year?

he says no to any question. I know where he gets this from...

"did you call the people about the air conditioner" ask's theresa
"no" says gil

"did you remember to: (insert anything here)"
"no" says gil.

AND so on.


I hope you have a great holiday. I know i will.

happy thanksgiving to everybody!


Anonymous michelle said...

Oh gosh, I love the little dancing man. I can't wait to see him. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. I hope you eat lots of good food and dessert too. Kisses to you Akello.

11/21/2007 1:04 PM  

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