Wednesday, July 23, 2008

little behind here


this is the July 4th entry! so behind. We are really busy over here with theresas school. it is non stop work, and between Me helping theresa with an insane amount of coursework, to my job at chilis, to a freelance video project that im working on...oh, and then theres this little crumb snatcher named akello running around here, that i havent even had a chance or a thought in my mind to see BATMAN!


but while the babies sleep behind me and my video project rendering i have a moment to write.

first things first. For the last 3 weeks, akello has been using the toilet! I was so excited i could hardly stand it the first time he did it in front of me. a MONTESSORI method is that your not supposed to give hi-fives or say good job or anything like that, the thinking behind this is that they are supposed to be doing this anyway. I have a hard time with this and always want to say good job. I TOTALLY had to restrain myself when he peed on the potty for that first time. moving on

Akello now uses and knows the meaning of the word "yes". I think his first word was no. but he is so funny when he says it, kinda like, duh! you have to hear him.

akello's latest thing is "whats that"

these pics are from our trip to uncle joes backyard oasis for some bbq and swimming. jOE bought akello a little pool for the event. He had a great time splashing around. Akello did too


there are lots of more pics on the flickr




akello was not going to be left out when shots started going around.


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