Wednesday, June 25, 2008



So i hope everyone has thrown out there plastic water bottles that have a 7 on the bottom of them for the recycle code. Those have BPA's wich are bad. Bad Plastic Acid is what BPA stands for. no. im just kidding. I bought a sigg water bottle from whole foods but theresa put a dent in it, so now its her sigg water bottle. Im going to buy another one once i can find it. i have been looking for the elusive Black Sigg. I have scowered all whole foods and whole earth provisions stores and REI's in the metroplex. But no luck. It must not sell well, or maybe it sells very well.

I am very brand loyal to the sigg as i loved my old coffee mug for years until i left it at some conference. Its prolly full of coffee too cuzz i must have been asleep to leave such a fine mug for the janitors.

Now you can't buy these online anymore because of the huge demand for them since the BPA news came out. Stores carry just a handful of the line.

we went to buy akello one likitty split but the sigg kids line is a bunch of non montessori imagary, like airplanes with faces and stuff. so we bought him a klean kanteen.

akello in the tub.


Anonymous Corina said...

ok Gil, why are BPA's bad? And did you check if Akello's "Tub" has any BPA's? Email me your

6/27/2008 12:52 PM  

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