Tuesday, July 08, 2008

busy again

dang, i was going really good there with the blogs, posting every night for a week at least, but then i started working at Chilis during the evenings. Thats whats got us in the "blog weeds" as i like to call it...get it..in the weeds...blog...oh never mind. I think only my sister will get that one. Anyway. YEAH, we are busy working and studying and having lots of fun. LOTS.


when we last left off, we were getting ready for Uncle Larry's send off party, just like last year, but instead of arriving from turkey, he's headed off to egypt for a year. We enjoyed the finest meats and cheeses that dale had to offer. A big thanks to Dale and Sue for all the meats and cheeses. This time akello had a playmate. He was also introduced to a baseball for the first time and got to get some cake from his grandma pauline.


perfectly coordinated grandparents.

akello was double fisting it all night.

thats Dale on the left, uncle Joe on the right

Theresa and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary by going to eat at On the Border, (since i get a discount, it being part of the brinker family and all)


akello got all decked out in his military gear for the evening

I swear that im a much better waiter now than when i was 18. For many reasons. but one being that i dont hate kids anymore. I used to roll my eyes everytime a kid got sat in my section. mainly because of the bad parents who were getting tipsy while their kids roamed the restaurant like maniacs! you could count on rice everywhere, and having to run your ass off to re-fill the shirley temples. The crying, the yelling, the crayon throwing. But now it doesnt even phase me. The people at work think im a robot.


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