Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I want my baby back

AKELLO loves the new memphis dry rub baby back ribs from Chili's.

I brought some home the other day and needles to say, he made quick work of them.


akello gets angry and frustrated sometimes when we try to change his shirt or wash his face. But he is so cute because he objects so politely and forcibly. A video would best describe this.

"NO THANK YOU!!! NO THANK YOU NO THANK YOU!!!" he says. You really feel like stopping because he's so nice about it, but after a little bit you realize that he needs to have his underwear changed.

thats whats funny about this blog. you only get to see the nice stuff. I'd love to share the not so pleasant moments too because , well...i keep it real. But pulling out the camera to capture akello's frustrating moments just never come to mind, obviously.


"Get your own damn ribs!"


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