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So i should start by warning of a name change for this blog. I will be changing it soon as I dont talk about montessori so much anymore. Theresa will be using this name "the modern montessori aesthetic" for a blog that she plans to do. So stay tuned for that and know that you can always find this blog by going to www.akellogarcia.com

more to come...

Thursday the Nasher Sculpture Center stays open late from 5 to 9pm, and is FREE! With time running out on our dallas stay i was so happy that we were finally able to make it this past thursday to one of my favorite places in the world. We followed akellos lead, and were only able to view the main gallery, the visiting exhibition downstairs, and the front of the garden. Not bad. This is why a museaum trip with a toddler must be free in my eyes. That way i don't feel for having to pay my cash only to leave 15 minutes later.

Akello's Favorite

I think akellos favorite sculpture was the stairs. We went up and down quite a bit.


akello thought that the sculpture garden would be a great place to runaround naked as illustrated in this video

Where's akello ?


While akello was ready to leave, daddy still had some gift shopping to do so mama walked with him to the main attraction....the water fountain outside the DMA. i snapped this pic as i walked outside the nasher.

Upon closer inspection of the DMA we realized that it was open too and upon walking inside we found a jazz band playing in the main foyer. They were great and akello was interested enough to stay for a whole song. Tons of people were inside to watch. This seemed the thing to do on a thursday night.

hunt building

Akello was not done and led us to another water fountain that he spied a block over.
The fountains in front of the Hunt Building. I love this building. Its one of my faves in dallas. Not too tall but a really cool fascade of bending glass. really cool at night too. Here akello is awestruck by the "bellagio" style fountains


Proof that akello is smart.

So i think akello is a pretty smart kid, but who cares! so does every parent (about their OWN kid)
But heres proof.

The other day im cooking a pizza and akello cant wait for it to come out of the oven. He's literally sitting there in front of the oven watching cheese melt. At one point i pick him up and move him to check on the pizza, opening the door and taking the pizza out with a hot pad. "5 more minutes" I say, and put the pizza back in the oven.

Well 5 minutes later akello runs to the shoe bucket and grabs some crocs. I'm like, "time for a costume change?" this is new. but then he puts his hands in his crocs and runs over to the oven to open it. "crocpads" as they were.

no hotpads? use your crocs!
"pizza ready!"

baseball options

so we decided on the blue bat set. The ball is foam, and not plastic, which ruled out the plastic baseballs. And while the mini Baseball bat is wood, and most resembles a real baseball bat, (both good montessori things) it was too dangerous in mama's eyes. so we decided on foam bat and foam ball. He can barely lift the bat and basically golfs with the bat and ball. He does like to play catch though. either way, he wants to play baseball sun up to sun down


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